I view the world with an interest in trying to understand how others express themselves visually in the spaces they occupy. Be this through their choices in clothing, decor, or even pets. I record these visual choices to develop portraits of people. Small, almost screen-sized, paintings state to the viewer an array of life stories in a matter-of-fact manner that is handled with a level of intense observation.

My most recent series explores scenes from a documentary, My Child Is A Monkey. A community of women in the USA, who call themselves ‘monkey moms’, controversially keep monkeys as pets, often raising them as surrogate children. Domestic scenes are shown where fear grimaces are mistaken for smiles, and a diabetic monkey is encouraged to eat her salad with dressing. I screen-captured such moments as references, and titled the paintings after quotes from each scene.

Foundation Diploma, Camberwell College of Arts

BA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts

Correspondence Course, Turps Banana

Drawing Intensive Term, The Royal Drawing School

Associate Studio Programme 7

May 2017, Foundation Summer Show, Camberwell College of Arts
Mar 2018, This is Tuesday, Windmill Brixton
Mar 2019, Animal Requiem, Asylum Chapel
Sep 2019, Made in Arts London, TM Lighting Gallery
Feb 2020, Interim Exhibition, Chelsea College of Arts
Jul 2020, UAL 2020 Graduate Showcase
Sep 2020, Royal Academy Summer/Winter Exhibition
Oct 2020, 24/7, The Shop Front
Feb 2021, Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painters, Burgh House Hampstead
Feb 2021, In Absentia,
Mar 2021, Small Rooms collective,
Jun 2021, New English Art Club, Mall Galleries
Aug 2021, In Response, Bow Arts Nunnery
Nov 2021, The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog,
Dec 2021, Drawing as Looking: works on paper, Hoxton 253
Jan 2022, In Formation, Thames-Side Studios
May 2022, Emergence, AMP Gallery
Jul 2022, Crouch End Tiger Hidden Banana, The Original Gallery
Nov 2022, Kisses, Associate Studio Programme
May 2023, Battersea Decorative Fair
Sep 2023, Well Worn, SET Ealing
Oct 2023, Allodium, Forest Hill

2018, Nominated for Painters’ Company Scholarship
2020, Awarded Jackson's Painting Prize, animal category
2020, Shortlisted for The Artists' Collecting Society Studio Prize, selected as an ACS member
2021, Awarded Holly Bush Emerging Woman Painter Prize for best figurative painting
2022, Awarded place on Associate Studio Programme 7

2020, Jackson’s Art
2020, Royal Academy of Arts
2021, New English Art Club
2021, Dead Pet Girls
2022, Royal Academy of Arts
2022, Petra Hartl